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DIY Home Decor Ideas

Over the last few years, people have been spending more time indoors than they have ever done before. This has finally given them some time to try out DIY projects to explore their creative bent of mind and utilize their free time in a more productive way. In case you have been looking for ways to add more character to the look and feel of your home; then you can definitely try some of these DIY room decor ideas. You can also save money by opting for simple, easy, and interesting projects that can bring change to your home. Making small changes and upgrades to the home decor will make the place feel more cozy, welcoming, and vibrant. Especially when you know that you have made something that will adorn your home; it is a proud and happy moment for all.

We have provided some simple and unique DIY home decor ideas, to prep up your home and make it more beautiful. Making your own decor is also good for the environment.

Some DIY Home Decor Ideas

If you have a collection of tins, cartons, plastic bags, mason jars, wooden planks, etc lying around your home; you can start by collecting all these things cluttering your home, and upcycle these scrap items to give them a new lease of life.

Refurbished Organizers

DIY Refurbished Organizers

All the unwanted cardboard boxes, metal tins, toilet rolls, plastic and wooden crates, etc can be easily converted into useful organizers. They can be sorted according to their colors, size, shape, etc to make them suitable for use. By using simple items at home, like glue and twine; you can convert an old box into a beautiful basket. You can also make a beautiful DIY wooden crate shelf to store all the kids’ stuff like toys, books, etc.

Use of Photo Frames

Use of Photo Frames

Add more character to the empty walls and table-tops by using photo frames to frame anything you love. It can be an old photo, painting, or your own collage creations, etc. You can even choose to write your favorite quotes and frame them in a pretty frame. Sometimes you can make your own DIY photo frame by using plywood, metal, cardboard materials, etc. Capture your precious moments and frame them for a lifetime memory. You can also create a beautiful canvas art piece and frame it in a nice way. This will help to bring your plain monotonous walls to life. DIY wall art is another alternative and interesting option that you can try.

Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

DIY Home Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

Everyone loves to retreat to their own private space at the end of the day to spend time by themselves. The bedroom is a very important private space that can be transformed with some simple bedroom design ideas. Bring in some energy and inspiration by making a few changes in your bedroom and enabling it to become more cozy and lively.

You can decorate your headboard space by nailing some beautiful pieces of fabric or even adding some hand-painted canvas to the wall. You can also choose to do some simple handmade DIY room decoration for the bedroom, by using old mason jars or any glass bottles lying around. Adding some color or string light can make it a great lantern for your bedside table too. You could even use this as a handmade vase for your flowers.

Create a Photo Collage

Create a Photo Collage

This simple and innovative idea can transform a bedroom wall or a living room wall. Sometimes a photo collage can seem to be cliche, but it can also be unbelievably charming if done in a beautiful way. It can be done by using twine, photo prints, string lights, etc to create a surreal effect. Choose all those nostalgic old and new photos and make them special. A photo can take you back in time to relive the glorious and memorable past moments.

A Circle Chain Mirror

Circle Chain Mirror DIY Project

It is a good idea to have a cute mirror near the entryway of your home to ensure that you look perfect just before you leave the home. In fact, you can make a beautiful chain mirror by using a few things available at home. Few things like a precut round circle of wood, a gold hanging chain, gold spray paint, a small round mirror of approx 12 inches, epoxy glue, and a drill. Use these to make a beautiful chain mirror project to adorn the hallway or entrance area. Mirrors also help to create an illusion of more space.

DIY Glass Terrariums

DIY Glass Terrariums

Terrariums are usually made of glass and have some plants enclosed inside. You can recreate nature within the small confinements of a glass container while allowing some heat and light to enter in order to help the plants to grow. The terrarium is usually left partially open in order to allow airflow. It is like a garden under glass and can be a wonderful project. You can make a basic terrarium project in less than 2 hours using very few inexpensive materials like glass containers, Mason jars, or even small goldfish bowls. Just put the soil inside and arrange some small hardy plants like succulents inside the container. Small pebbles can be used to beautify it.

Bring Some Nature Inside

Bring Some Nature Inside

We definitely have nature all around us. A rugged branch can be used to add some charm to the dull walls by polishing them or painting them if required and hanging them. Collect small pebbles and paint them in unique designs like a ladybug, owl, etc to keep them on your shelves or to be used as paperweights. Also make your own planters using old tins, containers, coconut shells, bowls, etc to plant some of your favorite plants.

Restyle Your Shelves

Restyle Your Shelves

If you are bored with your bookshelves then it is time for a make-over. Organize your bookshelves to make them balanced and beautiful. You can add color, designs, or keep some cool decor to make it more attractive and elegant. You can also make DIY plant shelves.


DIY home decor is a great way to explore your hidden potential and try new stuff right at home. It also gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness when you make things by yourself. This is a great way to destress and have a memorable time by experimenting and creating stuff. It can be done alone or along with your dear ones. Making personalized home decor can be a great idea, to make it very unique and special. Having a DIY chalkboard wall can add a new dimension to your creativity and make it an amazing experience too. So just go ahead and try out some of these DIY decor ideas to enhance the overall look of your sweet home.

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