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Things to Do with Young Kids

Top 9 Tips To Keep Young Kids Entertained in a Useful Way at Home

Parents around the world have always tried to do many creative things to keep their kids entertained while also helping them to learn something useful. The world is moving at a fast pace and technology has drastically changed our lives in many ways. Many kids around the world are glued to the TV screens or mobiles throughout the day. But this may not be the best option for them to spend too much time, since it might hamper developing other skills like social skills, etc. Many kids are stuck in their homes due to the covid situation that has affected most countries around the world for the past two years. Hence, helping the kids to stay active and maintain a positive mindset is very essential for their physical and emotional well-being. This article will provide some great ideas to help your kids spend time in a productive way.

Promote a Healthy Reading Habit

When kids are above the age of 6 or 7 they could slowly get into the habit of reading books. It may not always need to be academic books. It can be short stories, comics, poems, essays, novels, inspiring biographies, etc. Reading is one way to learn new things and increase awareness and knowledge levels. It is one of the best habits a child can inculcate and also help them to become friends with good books. This is a healthy and productive habit for life and developing this skill will help them in many areas while also keeping them occupied and busy. Learning new words and meaning can help them in improving their communication skills and expand their imagination, knowledge, and thinking. Parents can suggest good books to them and buy them age-appropriate books. Kids should also be allowed to choose good books according to their interests.

Help Them to Learn a New Skill

It is always a good idea to learn a new skill. Kids should identify their potential and pursue things that can enhance their skill sets. Even learning to play an instrument is a great way to channel their energy, enthusiasm, and talent. Music helps kids to relax, de-stress and maintain a balanced life. There are several life skills a kid can learn to become more efficient and independent. Skills like cooking, cleaning, baking, driving, painting, dancing, singing, etc can be very useful for kids throughout their life. There are several apps for kids to learn stuff and they can also learn many new things by watching relevant YouTube videos. Online classes can also help kids to learn new skills sitting in the comfort of their homes. Also, try looking up online for relevant virtual activities for kids that teach certain skills. Even learning to play games like chess, tennis, swimming, cycling, etc is a great way to stay smart, active, and fit.

Start a Journal

Journalling is a great way for kids to express their inner thoughts, feelings, and desires. It is always a great idea to allow kids to spend some time everyday writing or doodling. It can make them more expressive, creative and it can be kept private if they prefer. They can get cool ideas from Google and write stuff based on different topics or the happenings in their life. Kids can learn to write short essays about their daily life happenings, events, stories, etc.

Learning to Paint and Draw

It is a great skill to draw and paint. Kids should definitely try to learn this interesting and useful skill. They can start with drawing small cartoon characters, etc. Provide the kids with crayons, color pencils, coloring kits, etc. Drawing and painting go hand in hand. It is a stepping stone to explore new skills and hidden talents. Kids can also learn to paint real objects to help them interpret in three dimensions. Taking up drawing and painting as a hobby is a wonderful decision especially to spend time productively during the lock-downs. They can also try making murals or do rock painting, etc. Even painting decor items or small household articles is a fun and exciting activity.

Try Doing Paper Crafts

Do your kids love doing paper crafts? Paper is a very versatile and interesting material. Kids can learn fun ways to work with paper. The Japanese craft of origami is world-famous and it can greatly improve hand and eye coordination and creativity in children. There are so many things that can be made from paper. Even making different paper planes and flying them can be a very satisfying and exciting hobby. Kids can learn something about aerodynamics and the science of flying. Help them to grow their imagination and try making different stuff.

Do DIY Projects

Many families and kids around the globe are actively involved in doing different types of DIY (Do it Yourself) projects. There are thousands of DIY ideas available on websites like Pinterest and YouTube. Doing such projects can help the kids to become more creative, skillful, and confident about themselves and their creations. The kids can choose the projects that suit their specific tastes and preferences. You can easily find a zillion DIY game-play ideas on the internet to pursue this passion. Get the materials you want easily by buying them online, to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Learn Cooking

Everyone needs food three times a day and hence learning to cook something is one of the most important skills a person can learn. Teaching kids how to cook can sometimes be stressful, but it can also be a super fun activity. It is very important to involve the children in the process of preparing food. It teaches them a lot about responsibility and they can feel valued when they are involved in the cooking process. Kids can also learn baking or help out in the kitchen with small chores before they start cooking. There are many small and easy things they can make easily, like making a sandwich, etc. So, teach them the small and easy stuff that is appropriate for their age. They can slowly progress as they learn to do things by themselves. They need to be careful when they handle knives, gadgets, and stoves. Help them to build healthy food habits and supervise their work till they learn to do stuff carefully.

Watch a Movie Together

Watching a good movie together as a family is a great way to relax, unwind and learn something new. It can be a good time to bond as a family and be excited about watching a movie together. Make some tasty popcorn to make the event more exciting. Choose good movies about history or motivational ones that can be enjoyed by all. Selecting the right movie is the most important step. Multiple streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix have made watching movies of your choice a very easy process. Do read or watch the movie reviews before finalizing anything. Since many international movies come with subtitles; it is now possible to watch good movies in any language and from any country or culture. It can be a great way to learn about different cultures and languages, etc. A good movie is a great mood enhancer and lightens the spirit. You can also watch good documentaries.

Learn Gardening

Working with nature and greenery is one of the best experiences for a human being. Kids need to practically learn the entire process of how a plant grows. Right from preparing the soil to planting a seed and taking care of it by regular watering will teach responsibility and self-discipline. Just start with a few seeds in a small cup and watch the plants grow. Gardening is an art and skill to survive. Even walking in the garden and teaching kids about different plants and animals is an important and relaxing activity.


The above article gives several ideas to help you keep the kids entertained at home in a productive way. Rather than just wasting time and lazing around; kids can learn something useful; that will continue to help them throughout their lives. Help your kids to grow in a balanced way and allow them to explore their hidden skills and talents. Support their passions and motivate them to perform better each day. Some indoor games and activities for kids can relieve stress and tension too. Childhood is a great time to learn new skills fast and grow their knowledge and skills. The activities will also help them to polish their attitude and help them to add positivity to their lives. Also, search the internet to find some fun STEAM and STEM activities for kids, to help them learn better. Good parenting takes a lot of time, planning, and effort to mold kids in the right way. So go ahead and try these activities to have a great time of fun and learning.

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