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Social Commerce Platforms

Technology is advancing day by day, so is the dependency of people. The advancement in technology has led to the introduction of various social media platforms. These platforms are not restricted to entertainment but have now become a boon for social commerce. It has grown to such an extent that maximum purchases are made making use of the platform.

Today, the customers want a personalized experience that is promoted by the social commerce platform. Not only this but the platform has offered the chance to almost every newcomer to launch the products, irrespective of the niches, and drive their online revenue.

Let’s have a look at the details of social e-commerce, its role in business marketing, and how to use it in your channel to boost the sale of your products online.

Evolution of Social Commerce:

There was a time when people had to do a lot to get the attention of the buyers on the social media channel. Post and blogs on Facebook and Photos on Instagram were their ways, but the decline of Facebook’s organic and charges on Instagram was not going to help in the growth.

Now if we look at the recent trend, the emergence of the tools of social e-commerce has made the work easier. This advancement has improved the social shopping experience, created a new culture of influencers, and sponsored posts.

How has social commerce changed over the years? How has it helped the growth of social e-commerce?

To understand all about social e-commerce let’s have a look at the history that has brought the change and social media influence on online shopping.

What is Social Commerce?

We refer social commerce as the way of buying and selling products through social media platforms. In short, it is social media shopping, where sellers promote their products by making use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

It is all about engaging with the probable customers and helping them interact with your brand and buy the products of these online media. Social commerce is one of the conceivable traffic sources for the growth of online businesses.

Relationship Between Social Media and Online Shopping:

The need for social media to grow the business was felt years back, but with time, it has changed a lot and so has the experience of online shopping. Social media influence on online shopping has been increasing tremendously, which has changed the face of shopping as well as marketing.

Customers these days rely on online shopping, and that too with their trusted brand. Social Media provides the brand companies an opportunity to interact with the audience by making use of global social commerce. Online shopping has eased the life of people by giving them what they want and the benefit of getting the products delivered to the doorstep. The services that are available all around the globe have even benefited social e-commerce.

The benefits and changes made in the marketing ways have made the relationship between online shopping and social media intact.

What Makes up it?

It presents a way to reach the customers, at multiple points, when they are just trying to fill up their empty hours by scrolling the screen of their cell phones. Some marketer acknowledge these moments as micro-moments that allow them to sell their products and increase the sale.

Various components are required in the customer shopping journey like, discovery, loyalty, engagement, decision, promotion, mobile shopping, and service.

Social Implications of E-commerce

Various factors are affecting the growth of e-commerce. Some of the social factors affecting e-commerce are as follow:

  • Rise in the standard of living.
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Lack of time for shopping
  • Urban traffic
  • Changing shopping habits
  • Online offers
  • Discounts
  • Development in education standards

These factors have a high blow to the online shopping trend. The evolution of various social implications of e-commerce platforms is responsible for the growth of social media e-commerce.

Impact of Social Media on E-commerce: 

E-Commerce is a thriving industry that is growing all the time. Additionally, social media is assisting firms in achieving major achievements. Instead of simply informing customers about lucrative bargains and new product launches, social media platforms attempt to improve the relationship between customers and eCommerce firms.

Direct marketing is possible on some social media platforms by employing a few social groups and communities.

The various features offered by social media channels have led to the huge growth of e-commerce. The features offered are:

  • Communication between customer and company specialist.
  • Fundamental Attributes
  • Real-time surveys
  • Gathering users feedback
  • User-Generated Content
  • Promotional Contents
  • Personalization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Influencers
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • And many more.

How it is Growing in Popularity

If we look around, almost all people have now changed their selling and shopping methods. The sellers make maximum use of the social media platforms to market their products. People are no longer restricted to the traditional methods of advertising, instead are now reaching out to the people with just one tap on the button.

The emergence of social media has changed the face of e-commerce, as the sellers make use of these platforms to attract customers.

So, has the shopping habits of consumers.

The increment in the usage of social media platforms and busy lives has changed the face of shopping. Consumers now make use of social e-commerce platforms.

Social media has allowed them to get their brand products without any hassle. This has given a boost to Social Commerce.

If we look around, the advancement of lifestyle has changed the face of shopping and social media. E-commerce is getting a boost in sales with the help of social media. It is expected that in the coming time social media will become the sole driving e-commerce sales growth.

If you are the one looking to grow your business, then you must make maximum use of social media to drive traffic to your site and increase the sales of products.

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Social Commerce Platforms can Boost Online Sales & Revenue: Read how!
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Social Commerce Platforms can Boost Online Sales & Revenue: Read how!
Advancement in technology has led to growth of social media platforms which has become boon for social commerce. Lets have a look in detail!
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