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Peppa Pig Products

History and Origin

Peppa Pig is one of the funniest and entertaining animated television series. Entertainment one associated with Astley Baker Davies in producing and directing this show. The story-line of the show basically focuses on Peppa which is a female pig and her family and neighborhood. The character Peppa has human-like traits as emotions or intentions given to non-human entities. This is an innate tendency of human psychology. The personification of a character is portrayed very well in this show. On 31st May 2004 this show originally aired on television. Till date, there are Six Seasons where six seasons started on 5th February 2019 in the UK. This very funny preschool animated show has been broadcasted in more than 180 countries. The show airs on Nick Junior and Channel 5. The company is also famous for different kinds of Peppa Pig products.

Peppa Pig Company:

Hasbro bought the entertainment one along with the Peppa Pig franchise on 31st December 2019 for US dollars 3.8 billion. There are many characters in this show which include pics of rabbits, sheep, cats, dogs, ponies, zebras and other kinds of animals and insects. Peppa Pig now is not only limited to just a simple animated television show but is a very good versatile company with huge market value. The Peppa Pig company now produces various items for their target viewers which are small children. These products have gained much attention and are very good for making children learn various aspects of life.

Characters of Peppa Pig Show:

Peppa Pig

  • He is the main character of the show around which the show revolves, likes to play with a teddy bear, jumping in puddles, playing computer games such as “Happy Mrs. Chicken” and dressing up.


  • George is Peppa Pig’s younger brother. He has a toy dinosaur which is named Mr. dinosaur which he pronounces as “dine Saur “due to his limited vocabulary. He cries in a Trademark animated way with “Showers of tears and a very loud crying sound”. George wears a blue shirt.

Mummy Pig

  • As the name suggests she is the mother of Peppa Pig and George. She works on the computer from Her home. Mother pig wears an orange dress and loves her children very much.

Daddy Pig

  • He is their father and wears glasses due to his poor eyesight. He is a very Jolly person and he never becomes sad whatsoever. Daddy pig is a structural engineer with a big interest in concrete. He wears a blue shirt.

Grandpa Pig

  • He always wears an Indigo shirt. He often wears a white ceiling cap with a blue anchor on the Front.

Granny Pig

  • She is mummy pig’s mother and she is very fond of perfumes. She has chicken pets that grandpa pig does not fancies. We see her growing apples near her House along with vegetables in her own Garden.

Uncle Pig

  • He is Daddy pig’s big brother, auntie pig’s husband and father of Chloe and Alexander. Like daddy pig, he also has a big tummy.

Auntie Pig

  • She is the wife of uncle pig and is the mother of Chloe and Alexander pig. She wears a pink polka-dotted dress and she is very skeptical of her family.

All other animals have their whole family as well. They all have different responsibilities which portrays all the different aspects of society. The whole show makes a kind of human civilization lively in the form of different animals. They represent different things which makes different life-like situations and deals with them along with keeping watchers entertained. The characters are basic so that they don’t confuse small children yet they are very effective and they represent given characters greatly.

Peppa Pig Products:

The Peppa Pig company is a very famous company that makes different kinds of Peppa Pig products such as Peppa Pig toys, Peppa Pig games, other Peppa Pig products involving baby care products, family toys, school pig play sets, house play sets, Peppa Pig figures. 

All the products produced by Peppa Pig company are all of the exceptional quality and very safe for your children, who will definitely play with these Peppa Pig products for all eternity. These products are available on various online platforms like Amazon, flip kart, first cry, Hamleys, and other online shops. Their Peppa Pig products are also present on their own site,

Peppa Pig Brand

The Peppa Pig brand which came under HASBRO on 31st  December 2019, has expanded enormously to various products including great quality clothing for children. These all Peppa Pig products come in great ranges with very reasonable prices. 

Peppa Pig company provides us with a very wide and versatile range of toys which includes giant size teddies, various kinds of games., toy vehicles, puzzles related to Peppa Pig and other various very attractive colorful toys which are available to make sure that your children are occupied for a long time. There are many sets present for children including Peppa Pig family set, Peppa Pig doctor set, Peppa Pig school sets, Peppa Pig firefighters set, Peppa Pig dollhouses, some Peppa Pig extremely lightweight waterproof tents which will easily provide sensations of one children’s own little lovely colourful castle. The various action figures for different characters are also present which may be very valuable in future. These action figures also came in various combos and also included in some of the sets.

Peppa Pig company are make bed sheets and pillows. These bed sheets are very soft and comfortable for children. These products look very attractive and colorful as well.


There are various Peppa Pig games, which are very entertaining, educational and fun for children. There are various interactive Peppa Pig games present in play stores. “Play along, sing along and discover surprises” is taken from the famous nursery rhyme “this little piggy”. There are interactive Peppa Pig games that push children to learn various shapes, to learn to count at the same time, entertain them. Peppa Pig: Polly parrot, Peppa Pig: theme park Peppa Pig sports day, Peppa Pig: golden boots. Supermarket; shopping game for Peppa lovers, the world of Peppa Pig – kids learning, Peppa Pig 1, Peppa Pig 2  are some of the very famous games present on various online platforms. Peppa Pig company also produces various puzzle games that you can easily buy through different online stores and their official site.

Baby Care Products:

Peppa Pig company also produce many Peppa Pig baby care products. Theme park Peppa Pig thank you cards, Peppa Pig chocolate wrappers, Peppa Pig themed invitations pack, Peppa Pig coloring books, Peppa Pig print kids feeding utensils, Peppa Pig dangers, Peppa Pig party hats, Peppa Pig themed wristbands, Peppa Pig mugs, Peppa Pig themed blankets, Peppa Pig theme bowls. Peppa Pig food labels and other various items are present in the section of baby care which will surely help in the upbringing of your child.

School Playsets:

The Peppa Pig school playsets are very great family sets, where you can make your child learn about different manners and rules regarding the school. The children can also be able to understand the meaning of making friends, respecting teachers and also the value of education in their life. You can interact with your children using this set very easily and make sure that he is well behaved and fully prepared for what their schools can offer in different situations.

House Playset:

Peppa Pig house playset is another very great product of Peppa Pig company which allows your newborns to understand how to behave in front of guests, the importance of different places such as kitchen, dining area and other important rooms. Also, the difference in what it means to be at home can be easily portrayed to children at various stages of life.

Products Quality:

All the products of Peppa Pig company are of great quality and made with the fact that small children will be using these products. These are very safe products for children and are made from high-grade material keeping in mind that these are things with which children play and learn. They are no way in any way can harm your children. So you can use these products without any hesitation. These products will surely help your child to grow in the right direction.

Official YouTube Channel:

The Peppa Pig company also has a YouTube channel which is the official Peppa Pig channel. This is a very famous YouTube channel with around 2.2 million subscribers and around 144 million views. The YouTube channel provides snippets from the original show itself. It also contains various videos which have compilations and other interesting things for true Peppa fans. They upload videos every now and then. So you can be assured that your young ones are entertained all the time. Some of these videos are hours long to keep your children entertained for a long time. These are also very interactive and educational, making sure that children learn academically as well as various aspects of humanity that every person should have to be a great person in their life.


Every child and their parents should give this Peppa Pig show, Peppa Pig company, Peppa Pig games, Peppa Pig products that are produced to keep every child entertained, a chance as these are some of the best preschool animated videos and shows for young ones.

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Peppa Pig Products: The Brand has the Best Character Toys Collection
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Peppa Pig Products: The Brand has the Best Character Toys Collection
Peppa pig company is very famous for different kinds of products. Let's explore about Peppa Pig company and its amazing collection of best character toys.
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