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L.O.L. Surprise Dolls & Toys

Age is just a number when it comes to fun and entertainment. Both kids and grown-ups become highly excited when the idea of puzzles & Videos games hits the senses. In this connection, mention must be made of LOL Surprise Company. LOL Surprise is one of the best manufacturers of dolls, toys, activity games, puzzles etc. The parent company of LOL Surprise Brand is MGA Entertainment. This company has launched a number of product lines like Poopsie Slime Surprise, Baby Born, Num Noms, Bratz fashion doll line and finally LOL Surprise! LOL Surprise Products especially include Games for Kids and Games for Grown-Ups.

The full form of LOL Surprise Company is “Lil Outrageous Littles”. This brand was launched in June 2016. LOL Surprise Brand ensured a huge success for MGA. Surprise doll assortment is one of the collections of LOL Surprise Products. This collection becomes the #1 toy for 2017 in the US. In 2018, L.O.L. Surprise Brands doubled its sales by releasing a huge collection of Games for Kids like Activity Games, Puzzles and Videos games. The three products lines are- LOL Amazing Surprise, LOL Surprise House and LOL Bigger Surprise!

In 2019, the business of LOL Surprise company expanded with the addition of the L.O.L. O.M.G. (Outrageous Millennial Girls’) fashion dolls. This new toy collection won the award of Doll of the Year in the 2020’s Annual Toy Industry Awards. In 2020 summer, LOL Surprise company again introduced its new toys collection called L.O.L. J.K. mini fashion dolls. Being the most successful toy line of MGA, LOL Surprise had also contributed funds into MGA Entertainment Cares non-profit by introducing Front line Hero toy collection in April 2020. The brand donated one dollar from every sale into the fund. 

LOL Surprise Dolls & Toys and other Products

L.O.L. Surprise Products are made for ultimate entertainment fun for both children and adults. The brand has an all-inclusive collection of dolls, toys, puzzles, activity games, videos games and many more. The products by LOL Surprise companies are available at online stores like Amazon, Desertcart and many more. In fact, LOL Surprise brand has its own eCommerce website. You can get these amazing fun items at a very reasonable price for your kids. In fact, this brand has Games for Grown Ups as well.

O. M. G. Series- One of the Best-selling LOL Surprise Products

O. M. G. Series is the most successful toy line launched by LOL Surprise brand. This toy collection is perfect for girls’ fun for your little daughter. This O. M. G. Series has sub-categories as well. The popular collection names are- 

1. O. M. G. Winter Chills

This girly toy collection includes sister dolls who are going on a winter holiday. These dolls have a chilling vibe and they are all ready to rule the whole winter amidst the snow sparkles. The collection includes 4 O.M.G.™ Winter Chill™ fashion dolls.

2. O. M. G. Series 1/2/3

This O. M. G. Series by LOL Surprise brand has 20 surprises combined in a box. The surprises contain fashions, shoes and accessories with O.M.G. Girls. Each new edition of these toy collections has new surprises and fun. 

3. O. M. G. Series 3.8

This ultimate series of O. M. G. Fashion Girls includes dolls who are slaying with their fashion and beauty. These are divas who love to enjoy and party all day long. They are fierce and gorgeous ladies who write our own set of rules. They stand out in the crowd and they are ready to surprise the world. 

Other Best-Selling Series by LOL Surprise Company

Apart from the O. M. G. Fashion Dolls Series, LOL Surprise Company has other collections that deserve an equal mention-

  • All-Star B.B.S- 8 baseball team toy collection
  • Remix Collection- Includes Hair Flip dolls, Pets, O.M.G. fashion dolls and more!
  • Present Surprise Series- All-new characters with an inspired look.
  • Boy Series- Each character has a similar fierce style with his own unique twist.
  • Series 2 Collection- Includes 7 layers of surprises to reveal over 35 tots and 45 Lil sisters.
  • Eye Spy Series- Gives a feeling of a top-secret mission with spyglass accessories
  • Winter Disco Collections- This collection features Glitter Globe dolls, Fluffy Pets and Lils to build a Glitter Snow B.B.
  • J.K.- Includes 15 surprises along with mini fashion dolls that have real, styled hair, real fashions and real tall shoes.
  • Confetti Pops- Includes Reusable Dolls with Nine new different surprises. 
  • Light Series- This collection includes dolls that have stunning details including a black light to reveal outrageous, glowing surprises. 
  • Make Over Series- This exclusive doll collection by LOL Surprise brand includes a fierce makeover collection that contains Real Hair! This Makeover surprise packages new looks along with Glitter Hair collection, fabulous hair colors and styles!

LOL Surprise’s Surprises

Apart from series collection, LOL Surprise company further features other surprises. Some of the popular L.O.L. Surprise! Products are Collectible Dolls, Doll Accessories, Fashion Dolls, Collectible Pets, Doll Houses and Play sets and Front-line Hero Doll. In the range of Activity Games, L.O.L. Surprise! has:

  1. The Remix 16-Inch Bike with Wireless Music Speaker
  2. Its Soundtrack Kick Scooter with Wireless Music Speaker
  3. Its Adjustable Helmet
  4. Remix Plush, Folding Moon Chair 

You can grab all these exciting toys and Games for Kids at a very reasonable price. These products are high-quality and very entertaining. LOL Surprise Company has a wide range of puzzles and games for Grown Ups as well. L.O.L. Surprise! Products and Videos games are very pleasing and fun to kill boring times. 

LOL Surprise Products- The Best Toy Collection For Kids

When it comes to toys and fun, LOL Surprise Company is certainly the best choice to consider. Get these amazing products for your little munchkins and earn a hearty-laughter on their faces. Nothing can be more blissful and delightful than seeing your kids enjoying to their heart’s content. At Desertcart, you can explore a plethora of LOL Surprise Products collection. So, what are you waiting for? Grab them now!

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How LOL Surprise Dolls & Toys Became so Popular Among the Kids?
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How LOL Surprise Dolls & Toys Became so Popular Among the Kids?
LOL Surprise Dolls & Toys by one of the best manufacturers of toys, activity games, puzzles that include Games for both Kids & Grown Ups.
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