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Online Retail and Shopping

During this pandemic period, people shelter themselves inside the houses as going out is scary and dangerous. When people are not able to go out that doesn’t mean there will be no shopping. E-commerce is the platform that facilitates the customers to buy online without any fear. The supply of the products increases with the demand of the customers. On the other hand, the growth of online retail and shopping goes hand in hand.

Before covid times, the trend shifted towards online platforms, but the lockdown has provided an extraordinary shift towards e-commerce. It has even pushed the adamant offline store shoppers to try online shopping. The conventional ways are gone, and in new times, online shopping is the future.

After lockdown relaxation, it is also observed that online shopping growth is not diminishing; instead, it grows more and more. The brands have to level up their games to make digital shopping a wonderful experience for the customers.

Consumers Shopping Online after Physical Stores Restarted 

According to the reports, customers’ online experience has surpassed their offline experience, and therefore a tremendous shift in consumer shopping behavior has been observed. The online retail growth rate has seen an unexpected boost up whether it be restaurants or apparel shopping. People are ordering online instead of visiting restaurants. There is a lot of uncertainty about how long this pandemic and lock down are going to stretch, and therefore, online retailers have to straighten up their backs and get ready for increased online orders.

The companies have to meet the growing demands of the customers, and that is why they have to re-evaluate their structure and the digital offerings to the customers. It will lead to digital transformation. Online shopping growth can enrich itself with digital savvy brands. 

Companies Need to Rush to Meet the Customers’ Digital Demands

The online groceries demand is high during the pandemic days, and therefore expanding your digital groceries business would be of great advantage. The facility of curbside pickup is an additional benefit as providing the customer to pick up the delivery from their preferred locations. By introducing the curbside facilities, the online retail growth has to boost up fast.

The primary purpose of online stores is to provide high – quality digital experience to the customers. Online retail has been evolving continuously, and the covid period has been no different. Companies, merchants, or retailers have been improving or creating different ways to communicate with customers. Online retail growth statistics soar high if the strategies and tactics of the companies work and customers like it. 

Large Numbers of Retailers have to Shift to Online

Much global online retail has both offline and online stores. Many small retailers and big retailers had expanded their business offline. They were doing good by earning substantial profits, but after the customers’ shopping behavior shifted, the lock down made them. Still, online retailers have to change to online. They also have to create strategies to maintain their position in the market and sustain their brand presence. They have seen a substantial amount of loss in the offline stores, and people are not going out shopping during covid times. Even after relaxation in lock down, customers are preferring buying online as it is more comfortable and convenient. 

Online shopping statistics global reports that the accessibility and reach of the retailer have expanded to unexpected levels. The retailer who was slow or hesitant in taking up the online platform has seen a significant positive impact.

With an increase in global online shopping, the growth of global online retail is a must. It goes hand in hand. Global online retail sees growth when they follow the trends and evolve according to the fast-developing technology. Customers get attracted and can draw their attention through staying updated and relevant according to the time. 

Before the pandemic, there was a significant shift seen when online shoppers surpassed offline sales, including the super-centers and departmental stores. 

Personalized Shopping 

Who doesn’t want to enter a shop or visit a website and buy a customized product? Everyone. Personalization or customization has given positive results in both higher revenue as well as customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the supreme marketing strategy. It helps in driving higher sales. Talking about globally, if there is a winter season in India but not in America, then the global online retailers have to make their shopping customized. According to the season in the country, people will buy clothes according to where the brand has its roots. Customers will automatically find your website irrelevant.

Let’s talk about another instance where a man is bombarded with lipstick shades on his shopping page. It can be offensive as well as irrelevant for the customer. The sales will drive down, and there will be no incoming without a customized shopping experience for the customers. 


Online retail shopping is convenient and, at the same time, reduces extra expenditure. It also saves a substantial amount of time for the customers. Visiting an offline store means that you have to: 

  • Take out time and stay away from work and home. 
  • You have to visit the store using a private or public vehicle. Using a private car will add to your fuel expenses, and the general vehicle will substantially add to the transport costs. 
  • Offline stores don’t give the ability to compare and contrast, and therefore, customers end up buying products at a higher cost.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses could be buying items you didn’t want from the physical store or your child screams for his favorite candy at the checkout point. 

Online shopping growth statistics show a high rise as the costs of online shopping is nothing. Customers have to visit the online store, choose their product and compare the prices. After finding the best-priced product, they can buy it. There are no additional expenses. People even get discounts on the delivery charges. The convenience of receiving the products at the doorsteps is another facility that customers these days crave.

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Online Retail and Shopping: Growth of Retail & Shopping Goes Together
Article Name
Online Retail and Shopping: Growth of Retail & Shopping Goes Together
E-commerce platforms facilitates the customers to buy online without any fear. The growth of online retail and shopping goes altogether.
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