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Global Brand Building

The 1980s were a time when only a few big brands could offer their products worldwide. In addition to endless funding for brick-and-mortar stores, worldwide sales required a huge sales and marketing team. Accordingly, businesses were restricted to making sales within their immediate vicinity. Companies thrive for global brand building to increase the brand awareness within their relevant community.

The Times have Changed.

Online commerce, social media, and the internet have reduced the barriers to entry into new markets. If the start-up brand provides results to their customers, then even the smallest brand can connect with consumers globally.

Entrepreneurs know that securing a local market is just the beginning of endless expansion in this era of limitless opportunity. An aspiring company’s ultimate goal is to attain worldwide dominance through an integrated global branding campaign.

What’s the Best Way Global Brand Building?

Brand building requires focus, care, and careful planning, just as with any other campaign. Creating your company’s ultimate expansion strategy starts with these guidelines.

A Definition of Global Branding: How Does Global Brand Building Work

You may define global branding differently based on your long-term objectives. The easiest way to describe this term is as the method companies use to translate their values and identity into an unlimited environment. As global brands take their USP and venture outside of the boundaries of their home countries, they look for environments that will help them prosper.

Understanding that global branding is more than just creating a website with a .com extension and shipping your products around the globe is paramount. The culture, expectations, and customer demands of every location are unique. Therefore, brands need to have global branding strategies in place to guide decision-making about which elements of their identity should remain the same worldwide, and which must be adapted.

Branding Plays a Critical Role in:

Consistency is key: Multiple countries may need different brands campaigns to meet the needs of the target audience there, but in a global campaign, consistency is crucial. You need to maintain your brand promise, wherever you are, no matter what kind of product or service you sell. Maintaining your brand integrity throughout the world is what makes it valuable.

Build robust, intimate, and focused connections with new segments of your audience as you expand your target market: By establishing a global reputation for your brand, you effectively become a global thought-leader for your industry, not just a provider of a specific solution. You can use that presence to power relationship-building strategies by considering the kind of identity you want to build.

It is essential to consistently deliver value to your audiences no matter where your business is: Consequently when you understand your USP and how it translates into addressing the pain points of the target customers around the world, you’ll be able to tackle the problems you encounter. It is often the companies that provide products or services that solve a universal problem like hunger (food companies), communication, or boredom (entertainment businesses) that have the best global branding experiences.

A Global Brand Building Strategy can Help you Achieve your Business Goals

The importance of global branding strategies goes beyond just utilizing social media globally at this point. Your campaigns must follow a comprehensive plan if you want to avoid ruining your brand.

With the help of a global marketing agency, you can significantly improve your chances of success. A brand and marketing team that focuses on international expansion knows how to position your brand and optimize it. The following are a few ways you can prepare yourself for growth:

  1. Finding the Right Market for your Products

If your global campaigns will reach the largest number of potential customers, you might assume that these markets will be the best to target. King, the creator of the popular Candy Crush Saga “King,” assumed they would be able to reach a massive audience by releasing their Pet Rescue game in South Korea. People in this region were reluctant to play the game because of negative cultural connotations surrounding pets. Think about the specific “biggest” markets that apply to your business and what it offers, not the biggest. You should look for other areas where you can meet your customers’ needs.

  1. Strive to be Consistent

The core parts of your organization should remain the same no matter how your language and marketing materials change. Consider your company’s mission before expanding into new markets and be sure your expansion won’t contradict it. Your company’s reputation will start to suffer if you cannot maintain your mission and promises across borders because your audience will not know what you stand for.

  1. Conduct Extensive Research

Several global brands invest a great deal of time and money into research, as you can see by looking at some of the leading brands today. The best global branding strategies require homework from companies including Google, McDonald’s, and Lego. Social listening was used by Danone when it was deciding to expand into foreign markets to identify lactose-free product gaps in Spain. Focus groups, surveys, and questionnaires provide valuable insight into the market and your audience. It is also interesting to understand how your brand can be applied to different environments. As it stands, you would want to avoid making the same branding mistake that Clairol made when it created its “Mist Stick” in Germany: it was translated as “Manure”!

A Few Examples of How Global Branding can Affect your Business 

  1. Red Bull

From where does the brand “Red Bull” originate? What about the United States or the United Kingdom? Its marketing and product strategies focus on being as diverse as possible which accounts for Red Bull’s stellar global branding.

  1. Nike

The company is known for its product design, branding, and marketing campaigns. It is easily one of the most well-known global branding specialists in the world. It is thanks to its connection with customers that Nike is so accessible all over the world. By addressing people’s deeply rooted concerns Nike can build relationships all over the world by seated their deep concerns.

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s does not hesitate to change its menu to satisfy the tastes of its customers anywhere in the world, regardless of its image or tone of voice. In Middle Eastern restaurants, for example, the company launched the “McArabia” in 2003.

Expansion on the Horizon? Engage an International Branding Agency

Every organization faces challenges when it comes to global branding.

Building a strong reputation takes time in a single country, so expanding into multiple locations will bring a greater number of challenges. Nevertheless, its Global branding strategies are worth the time and effort. The big players on Forbes’ list of top 10 most valuable brands all have global presences.

You can overcome these common growth issues with the help of a global branding agency such as Fabrik, and discover your business’s true potential.

Are you ready to remove the barriers surrounding your brand?

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Global Brand Building and Management in Modern Digital Times | Blog
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