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Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers

The Lansinoh company began 35 years ago by a breastfeeding mother, Resheda Hagen. When she embarked on the Lansinoh venture in Portland, Oregon, in 1978, after her first child was born. Rasheda was breastfeeding, but after a few days, her nipples had gone from tender to severely painful. She was unable to consider weaning, unable to receive any relief from the products available. The leader of the La Leche League urged her to keep trying and recommended lanolin, but it wasn’t popular in the stores.

Rasheda’s husband was a doctor. He finds and brings home a one-pound jar of wool fat from the hospital pharmacy. She added lanolin to her sore nipples and was quickly relaxed. Her nipples recovered in the next two days, and she went on to breastfeed successfully. Rasheda Hagen has started advocating the effects of “Pure Lanolin” as a cure for tender nipples for breastfeeding mothers.

In 1984, Resheda Hagen established her business to provide breastfeeding women with healthy and effective nipple creams & care to highly cosmetic items for nipple soreness. In 1984, she decided to buy lanolin in one-pound jars and package it herself in smaller packages for sale to breastfeeding mothers. This is the story of the Lansinoh brand and its great gesture of supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Parenting isn’t really easy to do. Yet sleepless nights and tough days come with magical moments—and the sweetest little faces—that make it all worth it. Lansinoh is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers by helping both, moms and babies get the perfect start to their new lives.

Lansinoh Products:

A newborn makes so many changes to the body of a new mom. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, pumping, or mixing all three, your nipples are going to get a lot more attention than they have in the past. Depending on your condition and your body, it can become dry, scratched, cracked, swollen, itchy, or even bleeding. Today, Lansinoh products are supporting breastfeeding mothers in more than 60 countries around the world. Lansinoh products are designed for mothers and backed by research from experts. 

Let’s take a look at the Healthcare Products Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers:

Breast Pumps:

When your baby cannot feed directly from the breast, maybe because they are premature or have special needs.  Or if you are apart for some reason, start injecting breast milk twice as soon as possible after birth. Lansinoh Breast Pumps is a comfortable, quick way to convey breastmilk. Lansinoh Breast Pumps covers all the possible needs of breastfeeding moms. The Lansinoh Breast Pumps are easy to use and soft on your breasts.

Nipple Creams & Care:

For some much-needed relief before, during, and after feeding, a calming nipple cream will make a difference. It can be supportive of the difficulties of pain and breastfeeding.

Lansinoh is an approved nipple cream by moms and doctors. It is clinically tested.  Lansinoh soothes and protects the tender nipples of breastfeeding mothers. Lansinoh cream is 100% pure and healthy for the infant, so there is no need to remove it before breastfeeding. It’s also the recommended number 1 nipple cream. The texture is thick and rich enough to soothe and cover the tender nipples.

Breastmilk Storage:

If you go back to work, want your husband to help with your feeding, or want to make sure you have breastmilk for your baby while you’re out for a couple of hours, you’ll need to pump and store your breastmilk. Lansinoh offers storage solutions for safe and easy Breastmilk Storage.

Lansinoh is the number one company selling breast milk storage bags. They are suitable for the storage, freezing, and preservation of precious breastmilk. Built ultra-strong, Lansinoh’s breastmilk freezer bags come with a double ziplock to avoid leakage and strengthened double-sealed side seams for ultimate safety. Pre sterilized for secure handling plus BPA and BPS free of charge. It’s easy to use and saves time by pumping right into the bag.

Nursing Pads:

Lansinoh Nursing Pads are the number one breast pads available. Built for the convenience of breastfeeding mothers, these reusable breastfeeding pads feature a honeycomb liner that provides leak-proof security. A special, breathable waterproof coating keeps garments covered, and the contoured form of the breast pad guarantees a secure, concealed fit even when wet. Lansinoh breastfeeding pads absorb leakage of breast milk to secure clothes and to preserve a safe breast and nipple environment. Lansinoh breast pads can also be used to shield clothes from excess nipple cream. Each nursing pad is wrapped individually for comfort and hygiene.


Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles are healthier bottles for breastfed infants. Bottles have been scientifically proven to alleviate nipple confusion. Making the baby participate in the same normal sucking actions learned at the breast, allowing a seamless transition from the breast to the bottle and back again.

With the rise of the internet, you can spend days going back and forth searching which breast pump accessories you want. Stop wasting your time and try out the product of Lansinoh. The buzz is true: Lansinoh brand offers outstanding goods without breaking the bank. Extra money in the bank means more money to spend on adorable baby clothing and fun toys.

We all know that raising a kid will rack up the bills. From burp cloths to basins to unexpected trips to the hospital, the expense of a newborn is endless. At the same time, every parent needs high-quality items – particularly when it comes to breast pumps and accessories. That’s why you should use Lansinoh for all your breast pumping needs. Not only are the products of the highest quality, but they are also moderately priced.

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Commitment of Lansinoh in Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers | Blog
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Commitment of Lansinoh in Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers | Blog
Lansinoh believes in supporting breastfeeding mothers with healthy & effective nipple creams & care to highly cosmetic items.
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