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Online Shop Features

It’s all about design, online shop features, and functionality when it comes to eCommerce websites.

But which e-commerce functionality is critical to your business, and which eCommerce systems can assist you in reaching your objectives?

Let’s Go Exploring.

If you operate an online business and have an eCommerce shop, you must have certain online business features. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of typical eCommerce features of online shopping cart systems and businesses in this post.

The success of many websites is decided by the items supplied and how well the website is advertised. Also the features provided by the website, and both the consumer and the website owner. As a business owner, you must have the tools to administer your website. They should ensure that the administrative functions are compatible with your business procedures. If you provide payment terms to your consumers, be sure the platform allows you to set credit limit for them. Before beginning an eCommerce project, thoroughly consider the features that will be required; otherwise, you will be sorry afterwards!

Here are the top ten eCommerce website features of web storefront to implement in 2021. You should surely implement them if you want your site to be at the forefront of the latest trends:

1. The Use of Pop-ups

Pop-up advertisements were the misery of every internet user’s existence in the early days of the internet. They were typically random and had little to do with website, and they were nearly hard to remove.

When utilized appropriately, pop-ups are one of the powerful online store features that more eCommerce companies are using to collect newsletter subscribers, offer specials, and prevent users from leaving a site by delivering vital information. Pop-ups can also be automated based on your customers’ behavior, such as when the mouse is pointing to the X icon to exit the site or a long time of no action or movement.

2. Automated Marketing

Marketing automation is one of the features for eCommerce sites that may make your life much simpler! When you use marketing tools, you can plan email campaigns, advertisements, and social media campaigns for weeks and schedule them to go out on your timeline. You can take it a step further by utilizing marketing automation to provide a more tailored experience for your consumers.

3. Wishlist’s that can be Grouped

Wish Lists are one of the fantastic features of online stores to have on your website. They enable your consumers to keep track of what they are interested in rather than forgetting about it. Making wish lists shared is even better since it will enable your shopper to provide suggestions to friends and relatives.

4. Related Products

Displaying similar things is the digital equivalent of up selling, the tried-and-true sales strategy in which the seller suggests more products to consumers who are currently interested in one of your offerings.

5. Shipping is Quick and Free

With over 100 million Amazon Prime members getting free 2-day, and in some cases one-day or even same-day shipping, more firms are giving free shipping to compete to the point where free shipping is the standard.

Because high shipping costs and unexpected fees at checkout are leading causes of abandoned carts, giving free shipping results in a better conversion rate.

6. Pick up In-store

In-store pickup is another increasing trend for brick-and-mortar shops with an eCommerce website. This combines the finest features of both worlds for many clients: the ease of shopping from a smartphone while receiving it the same day. This eCommerce website feature is already being used by big-box retailers and supermarket stores. And its popularity implies that this eCommerce trend will only increase in 2021 and beyond.

7. Scanners for Barcodes and QR Codes

Quick Response codes or QR codes are not a new technology, but they are gaining popularity as they provide customers new ways to learn more about a product, compare prices, and see whether something is in stock. If you have a physical shop and an online business, you can use QR codes by attaching them to your actual products — when a client scans the code; they will see extra product information and suggested items. Checking a sofa at a home goods store may result in matching accessories and design ideas, whereas scanning a garment in a clothes store may match jeans, footwear, and accessories.

You may print QR codes and ship them with client parcels to include things like surprise discount coupons or special promotions with recommended goods if your firm is entirely online.

8. Advertisements for Discovery

Search Giant Google borrowed a page from Facebook and built the Discover feed, which serves up articles and stories based on users’ recent interests and searches. Google Discovery has high exposure and engagement with a reach of about 800 million people because it displays content to a qualified audience.

Google Discovery Ads takes eCommerce PPC advertising to the next level by allowing users to show their own product pictures within the ad. While this is one of the latest technologies on the list, the conversion potential from Discovery Ads is enormous!

9. Flat Design

Flat website design is a style of user interface that stresses a minimalist approach to aesthetic components to create a more two-dimensional look. Drop shadows, flat colors and gradients, and stripped-down parts are used in websites with this design.

Why is it so well-liked? Not only is a minimalist style a timeless aesthetic, but it also provides a better user experience through quick loading times and more straightforward user navigation.

10. Build with Mobile Intentions

Is your existing eCommerce website giving smartphone and tablet consumers a convenient and pleasurable buying experience?

When building a website, QA must be performed on both mobile and desktop platforms. Things that work well for desktop users — lengthier product descriptions, big pictures, and fast page load times – don’t transition well to mobile. Designing a mobile-friendly website is one of the most important features of online shop that continues for many years.

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10 Must-Have Online Shop Features for your Online Business | Blog
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10 Must-Have Online Shop Features for your Online Business | Blog
Having an online business and have an eCommerce shop. You must have these online shop features for the scucess of your eCommerce business.
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