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Kids Holidays Activities

Children around the world wait eagerly to enjoy their summer holidays. It is a relaxed time to enjoy and rejuvenate joyfully with friends and family. But parents also wish that their children could learn something useful or spend their time in a more active and productive way; rather than just staying glued to their screens. Hence it is essential to try different holidays activities that can be exciting and help kids to learn different things and develop special skills through each activity.

The kids can be entertained with some fun holidays activities that also give the parents time to enjoy with them together. Summer vacations need not be boring always and this article will guide you with some interesting ways to keep your kids active during the holidays. It is very important to keep your children healthy and active at all times, to help them develop their mental and physical health.

Set up Some Thrilling Escape Rooms

Thrilling Escape Room Set up

Set up a few mysterious challenges in any room and encourage your kids to go ahead and explore. This activity encourages children to look at problems from multiple perspectives, improves decision-making skills and creativity. After your child completes the room you could give them a small treat. It could be anything from a small toy or candy to something useful for your child.

Teach them to Plant and Grow Plants

Teach Kids to Plant and Grow Plants

Teach your child the value of discipline by helping them grow a plant. They can choose any of their favorite plants. It can be a flower, a fruit, or a vegetable, and teach them about how it is planted and how to water the plants regularly as required. You can do a demonstration for one plant by planting it in a pot after preparing the soil and adding the manure and then allow the children to do the same with the seeds or the seedlings that you give them. Kids need to learn how to protect the greenery and also grow their own organic food in their backyard. Learning to grow our own plants for food and increasing green cover is an important skill. Teach them the importance of growing plants and how to support nature.

Plan Some Outings and Picnics

Plan Outings and Picnics with Kids

It is a good idea to spend the summer holidays planning and going on a trip to some interesting locations. The trip can be somewhere nearby for a day or two or it can also be to some international destination where you can travel together as a family. Traveling is a very essential part of life and it can give a lot of satisfaction and learning. The kids can be taught how to pack their bags and they can also learn about different people’s cultures, traditions, and places and also visit historical places to learn more about the history of different places and countries.

Human beings are not plants with roots stuck to one place. The world offers a wide variety of things to see and learn. Also visit zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, gardens, beaches, hill stations, planetariums, and other tourist spots to have a great time and create lasting memories. You can also take them for camping and hiking expeditions.

Explore Scrapbook Making

Explore Scrapbook Making with Kids

Scrapbook is an interesting way to make something memorable. It is also a learning experience and can teach something about arts and crafts. Kids will learn to improve their handwriting and also use colors to make their work more beautiful and attractive. They can select pictures or take pictures of everyday activities and stick them in the scrapbook and also write some small descriptions about the pictures that they stick. Taking photos of special days during the vacation and writing about them can help them to look back in the future and relive the past memories. The scrapbook activity keeps the kids active and busy for several hours.

Create Short Videos or Movies

Create Short Videos or Movies with Kids

Children these days are already using gadgets like mobile phones and tablets like iPads. They would definitely know how to use the camera to capture images and videos. Hence, it would be a good activity for them to make short videos or movies and do the basic editing using some cool photo editor and video editing apps. This activity will help them to explore their creative skills and unleash their hidden talents. Kids can also write short stories and convert them into movies.

Try Jamming & Creating Music

Try Jamming & Creating Music with Kids

Just grab some musical instruments or whatever is available around and help your kid to create some music. They can also dance and sing along and even make a music video. Just log on to YouTube to get several interesting ideas about how to make music in a creative way. You can also play some popular songs and just try to copy the tunes with instruments or even by whistling. Planning a karaoke event with family and friends can also be a great way to spend time together.

Unravel Their Painting and Sketching Skills

Unravel Kids Painting and Sketching Skills

Children can be encouraged to draw or paint something using colored pens or pencils. Allow them to use colored paint if they are old enough. Painting and sketching is a very good hobby that has been practiced by children around the world for ages. Right from their junior class; kids are given crayons and colored pencils and they enjoy painting and drawing things even in school. So, it is easy to select a nice picture from the internet or by just searching on Google and then help them to try and paint the same at home. You can give them basic painting instructions or watch painting videos on YouTube. They can also learn to paint small objects and wooden articles by using spray paints too. They can also choose to attend some painting sessions conducted by professional painters.

Build the Habit of Reading Good Books

Build Habit of Reading Good Books in Kids

Reading is one of the best habits that a child can inculcate to gain knowledge and also improve their language skills. You can take your children to some library nearby and help them to choose some great books that are age-appropriate. Reading those books would help them to learn several things and also keep them active and smart. A good book can change thinking and bring a positive attitude. It would help them learn better reading and writing skills. They can read books about science and technology, history, novels, magazines, and even good inspirational biography books of famous people. It would be great if children develop a love for reading and spending time with books.

Learn Some Cooking & Baking

Teach your Kids Cooking & Baking

You can plan to have one day of cooking or baking every week; and involve the kids in the entire process, right from the beginning to the end. Try some simple recipes that they can start with to make it more attractive and interesting. Help them to read the recipes clearly step by step and guide them to do everything according to the recipe. Cooking is a very essential life skill everyone needs to learn in order to survive in any situation. Sometimes it can also inspire them to become a great chef in the future.

Go Swimming & Chill

Go Swimming & Chill with Kids

Swimming is an exciting and healthy hobby that is really great for the body and mind. Chilling around in the water can cool the body and also help the children learn to swim well. This is a great way to exercise and remain active and fit. You can also send your kids for summer swimming classes in holidays where a coach can teach them how to swim professionally. If they are really good they could also take up swimming as a career and go to competitions from the national to international level and become swimming champions.


It is indeed very important to keep the kids active and energetic during holidays. They can use the time to learn new skills like painting, writing, playing a musical instrument, or even coding. Motivate the kids to do well in everything they do in order to achieve success and learn from their mistakes. These kinds of holidays activities for your kids will also help them to learn different skills like time management, team building, problem-solving, and decision making.

If they can learn something about public speaking, that would be a great value addition to their life and future career. Also, motivate them to take long walks in the evenings to stay fit and explore nature and enjoy the fresh air outside. Teach kids about the value of time and how to use it wisely for a better life and future ahead. They can also be taught about doing stuff in an eco-friendly way in order to keep our environment clean and safe. We hope the above ideas to keep kids busy will be useful for you and your family to enjoy the holidays in a much better and more useful way.

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